Westlund Water Solutions Offerings

Along with our standard Pipe, Valve, and Fitting offerings, Westlund Water Solutions is pleased to offer complete bill of material solutions for all your project needs.

Click here for our Catalogues or scroll down to see what Westlund can offer for specific areas of the plant:

 A Typical WasteWater Treatment Plant Process Diagram

Pump/Lift Stations

Supply of custom fabricated fittings & spools, gaskets, hangers, pipe supports, sump pumps, isolation valves, backflow preventers, & strainers. 


Supply of large diameter pipe, valves, fittings, couplings, gaskets, & restraints.

Grit Removal

Supply of expansion joints, pressure gauges, dismantling joints, pumps, & strainers.

Primary Treatment

Supply of the specialized pumps, and valves used in sludge removal, influent & effluent piping, and chemical piping such as PVC, CPVC, & double containment systems.

Secondary Treatment

Supply of the stainless steel pipe, valve, & fittings for submersed applications.

Tertiary Treatment

Supply of the specialized piping for the transport and injection of chemicals during the effluent polishing stage. Stainless steel and thermoplastic piping, gaskets, valves, couplings & specialized mixing nozzles.

General Items

Westlund also supplies toilets, faucets, sinks, plumbing fixtures, floor drains, roof drains, safety wash stations (eye & full body wash), gaskets, fasteners, water heaters, fire safety equipment, flex joints, gauges, thermometers, thermowells, water meters, tracer wire, cathodic protection, fire hydrants, post indicators, expansion joints, dismantling joints, tapping sleeves, saddles, fabrication of custom fittings & spools.