Canada Pipe Company ULC

Canada Pipe Company ULC/McWane family of companies has a strong history, and we’re building our future across North America and the world. WE HONOR our heritage by manufacturing products that are lasting and sustainable. WE INVEST in the future of our business, our employees and our communities. WE COMMIT to excellence in integrity, service and quality. WE LEAD, with the highest standards of workplace safety and environmental stewardship

Canada Pipe Company ULC/McWane Family of Companies in partnership with Westlund Water Solutionsoffers a wide array of ductile iron products ranging from push-on joints and restrained joints to fabricated pipe (spools). We’ve been providing dependable and economical solutions for our customers for over 150 years.

Canada Pipe Company ULC and Westlund are here to make your job easier. That means bringing you the ductile iron products that help you get the job done, but it also means providing useful information to help you make decisions before the job gets started.

Please contact us or go to Canada Pipe website for more information.