It’s undeniable that the internet is part of our day to day lives and through it we are able to chat to chat with friends near and far on social media, become part of the sharing economy through apps like Uber, Airbnb, Lyft (just to name a few) and have immediate access to the world news at the literal touch of our fingers. It is important that we protect ourselves and implement a safe approach when we use this world-wide tool. For the rest of the year Westlund/ Emco Water Solutions will be focusing on internet safety with our first installment focusing on Passwords.

  • Remember to change your passwords often – ¬†(every 60 to 90 days)
  • Create Passwords with a combination of at least eight letters and numbers and use both¬†upper- and lower-case letters – Longer passwords are harder to decipher
  • Avoid the use of personal information as part of your password
  • Stay away from letter/number sequences or patterns
  • Do not use same password for every account or retail site

For more information on password safety please click here