For the rest of the year Westlund/ Emco Water Solutions will be focusing on internet safety with our second installment focusing on Protecting your children online.

  • Education -As a parent, it is your responsibility to know what your children are doing online and guard them against the dangers that prey on unsuspecting minors. Educate yourself and your children. Follow news reports and conduct research to find real-life examples of Internet predators. Remind them that people they “meet” online are not always who or what they seem.
  • Set Parameters – on usage, websites and interactive games. Set rules and stand by them.
  • Monitoring – Young children, should access the Internet where you can keep an eye on them. Monitor the sites they visit and consider installing a software program that allows you to control their Web browsing. If your children have e-mail accounts, make sure you know their passwords and randomly check message.
  • Encourage conversation – Encourage your children to talk to you. Ask them to alert you if they encounter someone or something online that makes them uncomfortable  Look for signs that your child might be at risk. If your child is secretive, unusually quiet or spending too much time online, ask questions and be supportive.

This advice was taken from the USAA Educational Foundation. For further information please click here