The holiday season is approaching quickly, and with it typically comes many positive thoughts and memories. But unfortunately, the holiday season is also a time where preventable residential fires are on the rise. November 24 – 30 is National Home Fire Safety Week, and the Canada Safety Council is reminding all Canadians that fire safety should be especially paramount in their minds as part of their holiday planning.

During the holiday season, the fireplace in a home is not only a source of warmth but also a centerpiece for gatherings with family and friends. Like any home appliance, it should be safe, properly maintained, and good for the environment – inside and out. Ensure the area around the fireplace is free of debris. Debris like holiday decorations and wrapping paper can cause a fire if they are too close to the fireplace.

Fire is often a central element of holiday celebrations, specifically surrounding fireplaces and candles. Open flames can be the catalyst to many problems if not tended to properly.

Courtesy of Canada Safety Council-