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In 1928, the Consolidated Brass Company (Conbraco) was formed. To this day, more than 95% of the products sold are manufactured in the USA. We Engineer, Cast, Machine, Assemble & Test in our state-of-the-art facilities, in South Carolina. The company now known as Apollo® Valves has earned a reputation for developing new products to meet emerging market demands. In 2005, the company brought all of its products under the Apollo® Valves brand which includes Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Backflow Prevention devices, Water Pressure Reducing valves, Mixing valves, Safety Relief valves, Water Gauges, Strainers, Vacuum Breakers, Valve Actuators and more.

We currently have 55 products that are certified either NSF 61section 8, NSF 61 Annex G or NSF 372 and the list is growing. These products are commonly used in water and waste water systems.

The relationship between Westlund/EMCO and Conbraco Industries Inc. goes back many years. It is a strong, mutually beneficial partnership. Westlund/EMCO is in the top 10 distributors in Canada. We look forward to many more successful years together.